Emerging European Ensembles

Eight promoters associated to thirty-seven partners throughout Europe have gathered in the "eeemerging" project, large scale European cooperation program between cultural and musical structures. 

This program aims at ensuring the promotion and the professional positioning of young European ensembles in the field of early music (from the Middle Age to Romanticism). As a prefiguration of this program, the Ambronay Cultural Encounter Centre has selected four young ensembles illustrating the talent and the vitality of early music in the new european generation : L'Armonia degli Affetti, Seconda Pratica, La Botta Forte and Voces Suaves. These four ensembles will perform in a "eeemerging festival" during next Festival d'Ambronay on the 4th of October 2014.

More information about the eeemerging Festival.

Last update 31 Jul 2014
Emerging European Ensembles

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